Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chelsea is 15!

My birthday was friday! My mom took me out to eat at this sushi place and I was a little unsure. But I really enjoyed it and I was happy to try something new! She later suprised me with letting me drive on the huge parking lot in front of the rodeo grounds and gave me some pointers. I find myself very addicted to driving now, however I have not gotten to the point where i feel comfortable driving around moving cars :) (this is probably a good thing)


Shelli said...

Hey Chelsea!
Sounds like you had a great birthday! Happy Birthday to you (a few days late). I meant to send you an ecard, but my brain has been a bit frazzled these past few days.
We love you!

Craig D. Anglesey said...

Hey Chels,
What a fun age! I still can't believe how grown up you are now! Well, Happy Birthday again and I'm glad you had a fun day.

Krista said...

We had fun, didn't we? I got Chelsea to try California rolls (avacado, crab, cucumber, in sticky rice and sesame seeds), Alaska rolls (salmon, cream cheese in sticky rice and sesame seeds), shrimp dumplings,and edamame in salt flakes. She even used her chopsticks for a minute. Yum! She is going to be a very good driver. She even practices while she is in the passengers seat, although if a car is coming she fakes a wide arc around it. Very cute.

Trevor said...

what, no buffalo in wheatgrass with trout fins and horseradish at the sushi place???

Happy late B-D C-J!