Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yes there are 6!

Well, I guess we have a bunch of brainiacs in our family. It is very rare to see 5 or 6 when you read through the sentence because the brain doesn't process the word OF for some reason. Most people can read and reread that sentence and never pick out those f's because the brain will just skip right over them until someone points them out. Kinda fun and weird. If if took you more than a couple times to read it and pick them out, then you are normal. But if you saw 6 right off, you are on of the border of guinius.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Cool eye test

Count every ' F ' in the following text:

Okay, now everybody respond and then I'll let you know something cool about this!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

One more time, Ok?

She wanted another try. Jodie Sweetin again. Those cheeks.

Maren wants a turn

Maren also had Rebecca Romijn, who doesn't show on the right, and Uma Thurman. She is very excited about looking like Stephanie from Full House, and the blue lady from X-Men, which are the only people she recognized.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Part 1 down and only 3 to go!

I'm sure most of you know by now, but in case you didn't hear, I passed my part 1 board exam! What a relief!

Can you believe that little Matthew will be here in about 2 months? I can't! We are excited though and can't wait to see if this one is another blonde or a darky. We love you all and miss you bunches. Keep posting!
I just had to add this picture of my HOT 7 month pregnant wife! Isn't she beautiful!

Monday, October 22, 2007

A spooky tale

I have a little story to relate. It's a scary story.
It seems our sweet, angelic Skylar has a flair for the macabre.

I got a call from her principal this morning who related this story to me. On Thursday there were all these stories going around that the school had some kind of ghost in it. "The blur" they were calling it. They saw it sweep through their classroom and out the back door. Then at recess, it swept through the playground, leaving a little girl's jacket behind, but the girl was gone! (Skylar did come home from school with stories of the "blur", and Tanner and I assured her it was their imaginations and to let it be). I guess they all told the teacher about it, and she told them it was their imaginations or stories told by some kids that was spreading, and that they needed to stop talking about it, and that was it.
Well, I guess over the weekend the principal got a call from a concerned mom. Two little girls in his class had shown him a "bloody note" on Friday, that said "I will kill you" on it, and it freaked him out. The mom was concerned and wondered what the heck was going on. Can we guess who one of the little girls was who showed him the note? Skylar and her friend Riley were called to the principals office where she asked them what was going on. Riley denied knowing anything, but at least Skylar had a conscience. She admitted that she and Riley thought they would add to the mystery, so at lunch they smeared ketchup on a napkin and wrote the note.
So...end of story, the principal made them go back to the class and apologize. She called me so I would be aware. She was quite surprised at Skylar, and so was I! I asked, "SKYLAR did the napkin thing?" She laughed, and said she knew where I was coming from because she is such a good kid.
A good kid with a bit of a gruesome side.

I think it might be best though if she doesn't know I shared this story. I'm pretty sure it would embarrass her.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Saturday, October 20, 2007

mom's turn

What a beauty!! I think it's cool that mom, Chelsea and I all share some of the same "similar" celebrities.

Shelli, we match!

We both have Jessica Simpson, Delta Goodman and Norkys Batista! Rachel and I both have Rachel Bilson! :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Maybe I should be a model too...

wow, i'm a model!

I decided to post a different pic of me on this blog. I guess I should be a model? Halle Barry? Beyonce? Hubba hubba or Ha ha!!

Trev's OTHER picture results

Mike, you asked for the one with the women. Here ya go! Sorry Trev, must be that gorgeous face shape.

Rachel's turn

Rachel got quite the mix!

My morph!

sorry about that one before! I don't know what happened. Anywho here is my morph!

My look-a-likes

oops! sry!

Brandon Morphs Into The Mummy


Am I that ugly? : )

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trev's celeb look-alikes

I loaded 2 different picts for Trev. I said to myself, if Kevin Costner or Bruce Willis does not appear on any of these, this thing is hokey. No Kevin, but Bruce popped up. And I hate to tell you this Trev, but both times, you got about 3 different women's faces come up too (none I recognized). What a beaut!!!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Best I Can DO

I finally found these. I had to remove a car, yes, a CAR, and a lamp post from ours, sheesh. Can you say, DIGITAL CAMERA? I'm old. I am making sure Chels and Maren get professional pics when they get married! I love this one of Shell and Trev.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Homecoming Week

We just celebrated homecoming week with the Cody Broncs and Fillies. Brandon was acting principal all week because Dave was out of town, so he supervised and attended all the activities, including the big Pep Rally, Bon Fire out at the rodeo grounds, parade, which Chelsea was in on the Freshmen float, and the game (we creamed them 42-6), of course, which everyone but Maren and I attended, and the dance. I spent most of Saturday helping decorate the gym in all its blue and gold finest, and Brandon and I chaperoned and Chelsea went to dance. Homecoming here is semi-formal, and you don't need a date. It is about 50/50 stag/couples. The formal dances are Winter Formal and Spring Prom. Anyway, it was fun to get dressed up. Chels said the church dances were a lot better, but she had a good time with her friends. She borrowed the dress from a friend and we tacked on wide ribbon for "sleeves". Brandon asked her to dance on the last dance (he made sure she wasn't dancing with anyone else, first) and she liked that. Brandon also had a funeral on Friday and he felt a heavy responsibility for that first-time experience, but it went very well (Chels and Maren and I ran a nursery for the families), and so he feels good to have this week under his belt. Happy Homecoming!

Craig has been asking for some pics.....

Just a few pictures of the family.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Camping weekend

We had quite the group with adults and kids for the trail ride. I think there were about 10 ATV's and 2 dirt bikes in our "procession".

We went camping a couple weeks ago with Mike, Jenn and a couple of friends of ours, the Jenkins family and the VanValkenberg family. We went to Heppner, Oregon where we spent our time 4-wheeling and staying close to the campfire because it was a bit chilly. Last camp-out of the year, I'm sure. We had a great time though, and it was fun to be outdoors during this beautiful time of year.
Sorry there are so many pictures, but enjoy!
Oh, and yes, Mike is trying to smile like Gracie in that one picture.

p.s. - I have a new post on "Simply, Me", so go check it out...right now!

Monday, October 8, 2007


We are officially out of our boxes in our new house! The house is great, besides all the little quick fixes i've been doing all over the house. I've become quite the handyman! haha I will add some pictures of the house in my next blog since I don't have them on this computer yet. I do have an idea though. I want to see one picture from EVERYBODY of your wedding. I think it will be cool to see us all around the same age. What do you think? I'll start it and you can follow along if you want. We love you all!

Friday, October 5, 2007

A Fun Visit

Mom and Dad, we loved having you here! I will send you your church clothes and you send me pictures. My favorite was our last day in Meteetse, but the shopping on the main strip was fun, too. I always go into places I wouldn't usually go into with Mom around. The kids didn't get enough of you! Sorry the weather in Yellowstone was cold, but at least in Cody the weather held while you were here...it is raining now! Loved the food, too. I am glad you picked Bubba's. And the slow Broken Spoke. We will get the Wagon Wheel in Shell another time, I promise! Thanks for your love and support! P.s. This picture was in the paper. Look familiar?