Monday, March 24, 2008


I hope you all had a great weekend! We sure miss you. I wanted to share a few things. First, Chelsea had her first track meet last Thursday, and it was a small blizzard! But we don't call things off until zero visibility here in the Rockies, so the kids ran. Actually, the coach gave the Freshman girls an option to bow out if they wanted, so Chelsea came bounding over to tell me the news and collect her things. Well, I hadn't sat there for 2 hours waiting for her race, the 400m, so she could bow out, so I told her to get back over there and warm up. And she did! And you know what? She not only took a second off her time, but came in 2nd Place Overall for the Girls' J.V.! Wooohooo! She was very proud of herself and so was Dad, who was running the event, and Coach, who told Brandon we were now his favorite track parents. Jacob also did a great job working as a runner for the staff, and even shared his food coupons with Maren. Chelsea's other events were the 100m, and the 4x100m, though those may change as they are still trying to find her "sweet spots". I forgot the camera, so I will try again next time.
Also, Braeden is doing much better, on the mend from whatever was ailing him. We cut out milk and corn syrup (as much as we could, anyway) and switched his bread to the good stuff. He gets a lunch-size box of rice milk in his lunch, and I found a Clif bar called Z-Bars for kids at Walmart, and they are really good. He is all for it because he just wants to feel better. We decided he would sit out track this year because he lost a lot of weight and is still recovering, but he may try tennis when it starts a little later. They are offering it at the middle school for the first time this year. We'll see!
Love to you all!


Shelli said...

Congrats muchos to Chels! That's great. I didn't know Braeden was still having such a hard time. Poor kid. Hope your changes help. Tried calling you today, hopefully we'll reach each other soon!
Love ya!

Krista Jensen said...

Actually, we've been doing the diet change thing for about a month, now, and he seemed to get better immediately, so we are sticking with it. He was having mostly stomach issues. He keeps forgetting and puts milk on his cereal, though, eats it, then remembers, so he has gone to school with some Maalox a few times. I need to get the rice milk out and set it on the counter in the mornings, I guess. We miss all of you and I am not getting nearly enough family fix, so comment, please.

Gramma Spice said...

I'm happy to hear that Braeden is doing better. He's such an amazing kid. Miss the whole bunch of you! It's so great to get these updates from you! I called Skylar this morning to wish her a happy birthday, and she answered the phone. We yelled, "Happy Birthday at the same time, and then laughed day so far...cinnamon roll from Jenn this morning, then a gorgeous floral arrangement and blueberry scone from Shell and Gracie at work with a lunch time trip to Target, and a beautifully frosted mini cake from Mike and Jenn after lunch...sugar fix for the month!!!

Shelli said...

One more Happy Birthday to mom before the day ends. I should be in bed, have to get up early for tennis. Wish you guys could be here to help us celebrate, Kris! We miss you!!