Monday, April 28, 2008

One more post!

Here are a few more pics of the family!


Krista Jensen said...

Thank you! Wow, it is hard to imagine it is that warm somewhere. Craig is so big! Cute, cute, cute!

Shelli said...

Cute kids! Miss them! Gracie is sitting on my lap, and as soon as the pictures popped up, I was happy to hear her say, "Oh! There's Craig and Riley!" So far away, but she knows you! Does anyone else think that Riley looks a little like me when I was little? Just noticing the picture of her on the left, and me as a little girl on the right side of this page. Anyway, love ya!

Gramma Spice said...

I never noticed the resemblance before, Shelli, but see what you mean, now. Both dolls, for sure! I was surprised by how much little Craig looks like Tanner and Dad in the picture of him. FUN!