Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cooling Down

Just thought I'd share a few pictures from the last few weeks. Trev & Gracie slept out in the tent in the yard a couple weekends ago. They had a great time together (as you can see on their smiley faces).

Had to get all the petals of this rose, because it is amazing.

Gracie loves the sidewalk chalk. Here she is doing her hopscotch that she made.

I painted the dining room wall a yellow-tan. The blue is gone, and we really don't miss it much. This color is much warmer. Here is me up on top of the pantry hutch in the kitchen. Glad that's over! ;)

Doesn't it look nice now that it's done? I really like it. It's amazing how a coat of paint can change the entire look of things. I also painted my once white candle sconces black.

Got the inside of the house decorated for fall now. Here are a few pictures of the entry way and the fireplace mantel.

I also got the porch ready. I haven't put the scary Halloween stuff out yet, but just got it more fallish. Is that a word? Look at the flowers trailing from the deck box though. Aren't they amazing? Probably won't be long before a freeze kills them all though. Glad I caught the color before it's gone.

Skylar and I planted the ornamental kale in the pots and had fun decorating the stairway with pumpkins. I love autumn!

Here is a barrel of what is left of the squash. The overripe stuff. We sure enjoyed the crookneck this year!

Hope you are all enjoying the change of seasons! We miss and love you all!!!


Malerie said...

Your house is DARLING! Inside and out!

Gramma Spice said...

Your home is as lovely and warm as you are, sweetie! Will be visiting soon. Can't wait for our annual Halloween party! Still can't decide on a costume for Dad and I, though...any ideas???

Krista said...

Love it! Love it, love it. Come do my house... right now.