Sunday, January 4, 2009

I swear I used sparkling apple juice in the Fondue...

My wife, Fondue, sparkling apple juice, Christmas Vacation(Chevy Chase), and kids in bed early.....Perfect evening.

You've got to look at the close-up of this one.

Stealing ornaments again? How can you get upset at that face?

View from our front door.

Here's a cool shot of Dad. Look closely, the slide is back and the brass has just been ejected.

Shooting clays at 200yrds with the new Remington R-25. Yep, that's Trevor under the blanket.


Shelli said...

Great pictures Mike, nice to see you share some finally! :) Hey! You ate fondue without us!!!!! HMMM, weren't you supposed to serve that at New Year's Eve?

Krista said...

Hey, yeah... what happened to the fondue? Oh, well, there were plenty of yummies to eat, though I am pretty sure I won't need another Italian soda for awhile. I'm still having to get up in the night! By the way, you look just like Grandpa Hummingbird in that first picture. Ha ha! I bet nobody has ever said that before. Love you! Thanks for such a great time!

Craig D. Anglesey said...

Hey Mike and family, thanks for finally posting some pictures. I'm still waiting for some pictures of the house though! I'm so jealous, I want some snow!