Saturday, July 17, 2010

And They Call theThing Rodeo

After four years of living in the RODEO CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!! Cody, Wyoming, I finally got a chance to go! And for free! (thanks to my job at the KOA:) I loved it!!!! SO fun. Here is Kendal and I on a huge, old bull. AAAHHH!
Our fellow classmate, and bull rider, Cody Tarr
Cotton candy mustaches...haha
Rodeo clown!
I must say, I think dressing up was my favorite part....and the hottie cowboys.... :)


Shelli said...

Love it Chels! Especially that last picture!! I think you are a cowgirl at heart? :)

Trev said...

Nice post Chelseroni!!!!!!! What a bunch of bull! LOL!! and really? Cody who lives in Cody? I be he never hears that one!