Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chelsea's Here!!!!

Yea!!! This is a great idea! My mother will not let me start my own blog ..."too dangerous" I guess I will use this one! I am now in high school and i am loving it!! I finished a season of tennis and did pretty well for someone who has never picked up a racket before! Umm...I guess nothing else is new...but I am looking forward to seeing grandma and grandpa tomorrow!!!


Shelli said...

Yeah Chelsea! Glad you are on here with us! Good job in tennis. Rachel and Tanner are taking lessons this year, so it would be fun to all get together and play! It's a GREAT sport, isn't it?

Chels said...

Yes! I absolutely loved tennis. I plan to play it for a long time!

Craig D. Anglesey said...

Hey Chels, Just wanted to say that I miss you and hope everything is going wondiferous for you!

Chels said...

Is "wondiferous" a new word? 'Cause if it is i am going to use it!. I miss you too! Come visit us in wyoming sometime!