Friday, January 4, 2008

Had happy holidays

I had fun with our Thanksgiving table.

Larson Christmas time.

Christmas cuties.

Dude Tanner and his new board.

Cutest gifts ever!!

Cotton loves Christmas too! Let is Snow! Hey, that was Rudolph's left-over carrot!

Mikie and his cheeks!

Happy Birthday Gracie & Trevor! 4 and 36!

Girls on New Year's Eve.

Kiersten's tree all aglow.


Krista said...

You really did have fun with that Thanksgiving table! Its gorgeous! What fun pics. Love the tree burning! Is that a new pagan tradition? I sure miss the kids...adorable shot of Mikey. Thanks for sharing!

Shelli said...

My snowboard, Mine, MINE, MIIINNNE!!!!! you cannot have it!

Shelli said...

Just so you all know I'm not psycho, that last comment was from Tanner. I made a mistake by giving him my password to comment, and now am regretting it. Yikes.