Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our little artist!

Riley has over and over again impressed us with her artistic abilities and her creative little mind. Looks like she's got Grandma A. and Kristi's talent!

Here's one she brought to us today, Chocholate icecream in a colorful little cup with a flower on it and a swirly straw. YOU GUYS AREN"T POSTING VERY MUCH LATELY!!!


Krista said...

That is perfectly lovely! I was thinking the same thing about the posting. Those of us who are away from you all, (yes, I know, we were the ones who moved) would like to know all the stuff that you either think we know, and we don't, or the stuff you think we wouldn't care about, which we do. Thanks!

Gramma Spice said...

Will you tell Riley that she is amazing?!! All of your should see the picture she drew for me and sent. Honestly, it is one of the most interesting (complex and rather Picasso-ish) pictures I have seen someone her age draw. Have you seen some of Rachel's and Tanner's work? Skylar and Gracie are so good, too. And then there's the Jensen gang... and Lexie and Avery..Wow! Lots of talent in the family! Does little Craig like to draw?

Shelli said...

So cute! Wish we had a scanner to scan pictures and stuff. Thanks for sharing that, it was adorable. PLEASE post some recent pictures of baby Matthew!