Sunday, October 14, 2007

Homecoming Week

We just celebrated homecoming week with the Cody Broncs and Fillies. Brandon was acting principal all week because Dave was out of town, so he supervised and attended all the activities, including the big Pep Rally, Bon Fire out at the rodeo grounds, parade, which Chelsea was in on the Freshmen float, and the game (we creamed them 42-6), of course, which everyone but Maren and I attended, and the dance. I spent most of Saturday helping decorate the gym in all its blue and gold finest, and Brandon and I chaperoned and Chelsea went to dance. Homecoming here is semi-formal, and you don't need a date. It is about 50/50 stag/couples. The formal dances are Winter Formal and Spring Prom. Anyway, it was fun to get dressed up. Chels said the church dances were a lot better, but she had a good time with her friends. She borrowed the dress from a friend and we tacked on wide ribbon for "sleeves". Brandon asked her to dance on the last dance (he made sure she wasn't dancing with anyone else, first) and she liked that. Brandon also had a funeral on Friday and he felt a heavy responsibility for that first-time experience, but it went very well (Chels and Maren and I ran a nursery for the families), and so he feels good to have this week under his belt. Happy Homecoming!

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Shelli said...

what a bunch of beauties!!