Monday, October 22, 2007

A spooky tale

I have a little story to relate. It's a scary story.
It seems our sweet, angelic Skylar has a flair for the macabre.

I got a call from her principal this morning who related this story to me. On Thursday there were all these stories going around that the school had some kind of ghost in it. "The blur" they were calling it. They saw it sweep through their classroom and out the back door. Then at recess, it swept through the playground, leaving a little girl's jacket behind, but the girl was gone! (Skylar did come home from school with stories of the "blur", and Tanner and I assured her it was their imaginations and to let it be). I guess they all told the teacher about it, and she told them it was their imaginations or stories told by some kids that was spreading, and that they needed to stop talking about it, and that was it.
Well, I guess over the weekend the principal got a call from a concerned mom. Two little girls in his class had shown him a "bloody note" on Friday, that said "I will kill you" on it, and it freaked him out. The mom was concerned and wondered what the heck was going on. Can we guess who one of the little girls was who showed him the note? Skylar and her friend Riley were called to the principals office where she asked them what was going on. Riley denied knowing anything, but at least Skylar had a conscience. She admitted that she and Riley thought they would add to the mystery, so at lunch they smeared ketchup on a napkin and wrote the note.
So...end of story, the principal made them go back to the class and apologize. She called me so I would be aware. She was quite surprised at Skylar, and so was I! I asked, "SKYLAR did the napkin thing?" She laughed, and said she knew where I was coming from because she is such a good kid.
A good kid with a bit of a gruesome side.

I think it might be best though if she doesn't know I shared this story. I'm pretty sure it would embarrass her.


Chels said... be in elementary again...That was absolutely hilarious! cute cute cute!

Shelli said...

I just had an after-school chat with Skylar about the phone call. She cried and felt horrible about it. But assured me there was no ketchup. "Where would I get ketchup? Yuck!!"

Krista said...

Ooooohhhhhhh! That is spooky. Where did the ketchup come from, then? That is something I would have done (with friends), but I would have denied it up and down. Ah, childhood.

Trevor said...

OK, I admit it. It was ME who wrote the note, dressed up as Skylar, and went to her school to spread it around. It was really hard fitting into her clothes, though!


Shelli said...

Yes, it does sound more like something Trevor would do!

Michael S Anglesey said...

I agree, it is Trevor who likes ketchup on his steak.

Gramma Spice said...

Our little Skylar did that?...nice to know she's normal! Too perfect is, well, too perfect!

Craig D. Anglesey said...

I would love to see trevor dressed up as skylar for halloween! Pretty funny story. I miss elementary school too Chelsea!