Monday, October 8, 2007


We are officially out of our boxes in our new house! The house is great, besides all the little quick fixes i've been doing all over the house. I've become quite the handyman! haha I will add some pictures of the house in my next blog since I don't have them on this computer yet. I do have an idea though. I want to see one picture from EVERYBODY of your wedding. I think it will be cool to see us all around the same age. What do you think? I'll start it and you can follow along if you want. We love you all!


Shelli said...

I don't have a scanner. Does anyone have a wedding pic of me on their computer? haha - it's been a while, 14 years!!!

Krista said...

I probably have one I can scan in, but it will be awhile... I have to find them! Good idea, though, Craig!

Gramma Spice said...

See, you look like Christopher Lambert (Tarzan, Highlander) there, Craig...just need a little more hair...haha!